A Church with a Heart for the Hurting

  RU one of over 30 million Americans that struggles with an addiction?  RU tired of talking about your problems and not being     given the tools to overcome them?  Reformers Unanimous is a Christ-centered addiction recovery program that has branches   around the world.  Every week people from all walks of life come to RU at Long Valley Baptist Church to receive the help and strength that only the Lord can provide to help them live a victorious life.  A well-trained staff of volunteers are available to help provide free personal counseling, as well as provide an avenue for Biblical growth.  Reformers Unanimous offers a clean and well-staffed nursery, free transportation within the Wileyville area, multiple weekly meeting times, as well a complete curriculum for adults and children to help lead them to develop good habits and remove the negative ones that can harm them.  Come join the over 80% of people that have found lifelong freedom from the bondage of their addiction at Reformers Unanimous.

RU meets every Friday night from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.  Visitors are welcomed by one of our friendly greeters and given some information to help them begin their evening.  Every RU meeting is highlighted by a time of testimonies of what God has done in our lives, a time to break into groups to discuss our weekly progress, and a time where the Director and Pastor, of Long Valley Baptist Church, Dale Hostuttler, teaches from the Word of God.  The evening concludes with a time to enjoy some light snacks and fellowship with other RU attendees.  If you have questions regarding RU, would like to schedule a ride to our meetings, or know someone that is struggling with addiction, please call (304)889-2190.

What is RU?

RU is a biblically based, Christian Addiction Recovery Program, designed to rescue, recover, and restore those in addictive behaviors with the power of the hidden life found only in Jesus Christ.

RU is an addiction recovery class, that started in Rockford, Illinois, and offers residential help for addicted men and ladies, that now has expanded into churches, prisons, and online resources across USA communities and around the world.

To the Addict – RU is the way I found hope and freedom from habits that have held me in bondage far too long.

To the Family/Friend of an Addict – RU is a place where I found hope for my loved one and help for my deepest hurts.

To the Child – RU is the place I found security and happiness, and I got my parents back.

To the Struggling Teenager – RU is a program that reached me with the good news and taught me about dealing with relevant issues teens face.

To the Pastor – RU is the tool that brought hope to my community and revival to my church.

To the Church Member – RU is the pathway God used to expose my personal struggles

To the Inmate – RU is the only place I found freedom, even though I was incarcerated.

To the Chaplain – RU is the catalyst for lasting change among inmates.

To the Correctional Officer – RU helped me understand my position and influence as a minister of God for good.

To the Judge – RU is the program we partnered with to reduce recidivism in our community. Now we see them as productive citizens active in our community.

To God – RU is one of His greatest tools to accomplish His great commission.



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